When it comes to choosing the right lenses for your frames the choice can be overwhelming. We believe in taking an individual appraoch whatever your lifestyle. Whether you wear glasses all day or for specific activities such as driving, reading, watching TV or using a computer, we can recommend the best lens choice to meet your needs.

Technology has improved dramatically in recent years and there is now a wealth of amazing products on the market. You will find that lenses are now much thinner, flatter and optically superior.

We recommend that you visit our practice where our staff are on hand to assist and advise you.

At Orkney Opticians we use Essilor lenses, a leading brand of high quality lenses manufactured in the UK.

    Thinner, lighter lenses

  • Cosmetically and optically superior to standard lenses and incorporate a class-leading anti-reflection treatment to cut out annoying reflections. Scratch resistant lenses as standard.
    Varifocal Lenses
  • We use Varilux lenses from Essilor - these lenses offer the very latest in ophthalmic technology using the highest quality materials and as they are now manufactured in the UK offer a fast delivery time.
    Polarised lenses
  • Virtually eliminate annoying reflected glare from sunlight. Polarised lenses can help you see clearly in even the most challenging conditions. Ideal for all uses including driving, snowsport, watersport and fishing.
  • The latest photochromic lens technology reacts to varying light conditions offering darker or clearer lenses when you need them. Ideal for active outdoor lifestyles or those with light sensitive eyes.
  • We have a full range of sunglass tints available. From fashion to sports specific lenses we have tints to either compliment your style or give you a competitive edge.
    UV Protection
  • UV rays are harmful and can damage your eyes. A UV filter is ideal for most types of eyewear but essential for sunwear. All sunwear lenses block out harmful UV light for weven the most extreme conditions.